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We're Exhibiting – IQT Canada '23

Centre Mont-Royal Montréal June 20th - 22nd

Visit booth #102 to watch our TrUE Quantum-Secure Cryptography platform QiSpace™ – LIVE – powering use cases for Enterprise and IoT Security, including the world's first Quantum-Secure Boot Loader. Plus, epic Quantropi swag – Notebooks, Icons of Cryptography collectibles and more.

And don't miss the opportunity to watch Quantropi CTO Mike Redding along with esteemed partners from TELUS and Quintessence Labs as they share insights and expertise on a feature PQC panel. 


The Y2Q Quantum Threat is fast approaching. Be ready.

Recent advancements in AI, machine learning and quantum computing are shortening the timeframe to Y2Q – the moment when adversaries will be able to crack today's encryption. First to fall will be asymmetric encryption. Most vulnerable are the 13 billion (25 billion by 2030) connected IoT devices and machines.

Visit booth #102 to learn what you can do to prepare. Have a one-on-one conversation with a Quantropi expert to learn more about Quantropi's TrUE quantum-secure cryptography platform QiSpace™ and Quantum Entropy as a Service (QEaas).

PQC Panel Presentations – Quantropi
  • 1:20pm EDT June 21st – The Future of Post Quantum Cryptography: Standards & Applications (Panel 2.1)

  • 1:45pm EDT June 21st – Application of Quantum Security for Telecommunications (Panel 2.2)



Key Speaker – Quantropi CTO Michael Redding

Day 3- 4th photo
Harden your cryptographic security. Ask us about QiSpace™ Quantum Entropy as a Service (QEaaS)
QiSpace™ QEaaS is a hybrid SaaS solution providing a secure distribution network for strong entropy, to any endpoint, over today's Internet. Quantropi sources its quantum entropy from industry leading QRNG vendors, and provides generation and quantum-secure distribution performance of up to 1 Gbps over existing network infrastructure.
Visit booth #102 to learn more.

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QiSpace platform is unique for end-to-end cryptographic quantum security

Learn more about Quantropi's TrUE Quantum-Secure cryptographic solutions – available only through QiSpace™.

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