Quantum-secure your IPSec VPN.

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Protect your networks against Steal Now, Decrypt Later

Threat actors are already storing encrypted communications today to decrypt in the future using quantum computing or other advanced capabilities.

Your IPSec VPN. Quantum-secured in 3 easy steps.

  1. Install: Download the PPK Generator browser extension.
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  2. Get Token: Submit the form and receive your PPK Generator Token.

  3. Configure: Activate the PPK Generator and add PPKs to each IPSec VPN peer. 

Standards-based. Quantum-secure.

IETF RFC 8784 is a global standard recommended by government agencies including NIAP, the NSA, and the German Federal Office for Information Security.

RFC 8784 enables quantum-secure connections by mixing in out-of-band Post-quantum Preshared Keys (PPKs) to protect against a compromise of the key exchange process.

Quantropi's QiSpace™ SEQUR PPK Generator provides PPKs for any IPSec VPN that supports the RFC 8784 standard. Our global distribution network generates and securely delivers PPKs created from quantum random number generators.

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