Post-Quantum Cryptography, Made TruE.

With QiSpace™ – the world's only TrUE End-to-End Quantum-Secure Cryptography Platform.

Recent breakthroughs in quantum computing and advancements in AI /Machine Learning puts Y2Q – the day bad actors will be in a position to break today’s encryption – just 1 - 3 years away. Harden your cryptographic security with QiSpace™.

Try QiSpace™ to access Quantropi's quantum-secure asymmetric encryption for key encapsulation and digital signatures, and Quantum Entropy as a Service (QEaas).

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Quantropi_1B_MASQ_100h (1)
Crypto Agile Asymmetric Encryption for Key Encapsulation and Digital Signatures
 Symmetric Encryption for Networks, Data-in-Motion, and Data-at-Rest
Quantum Entropy Services for the Generation and Quantum-Secure Distribution of Strong Random Numbers
QiSpace platform is unique for end-to-end cryptographic quantum security

Quantum-Secure Cryptographic Functions

  • Quantum-Secure Key Generation and Digital Distribution over any Network or Device
  • Quantum-Secure Transport Layer with TrUE TLS 1.3
  • Crypto-Agility with support for all NIST Standard PQCs, plus Quantropi’s novel high-performance algorithm
  • Quantum Entropy as a Service (QEaaS)

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